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Product Settings

Lock closed Opportunities for non-admin. Yes – when accessing a closed opportunity, only administrators will be presented with an Open menu option, allowing further editing. The purpose of this is to ensure that historical sales information may be protected – especially if commissions are involved. Allow list price changes for non-admin Yes – This allows…

Licence Settings

You can view licence information in Licence Settings available in the Settings area. You can update a licence by selecting the Update Licence button.

Logs & Log Settings

Logs Gold-Vision records logs for different areas of the system. These can be accessed within Logs in the Settings area. You can view a Log by selecting the record. The logs relate to the following areas of the system: GoldVision_yyyy_mm_dd.txt - The main Gold-Vision system log, containing information on any UI errors. MailScanner_yyyy_mm_dd.txt - The mail tracking…

Touch Point Settings & Categories

Touch Point Settings and Touch Point Categories can be found in the Settings area.Touch Point SettingsAs an Administrator you can use this screen to configure the interval and retention of touch points and touch point scores.

Tax Codes

Tax Codes can be managed in the Settings area. New Tax Codes can be set up by selecting the New Icon.

Managing Quote Products

Once a quote has been created users can add products to the quote. Below are the different ways on how products can be added: